Germoney Poster


Artist: Aleksandar Todorović

Size: 83x57cm

Technique: Hand printed silkscreen print

Artist’s website:

This poster evolved from the “People of Europe here are my quotes!” project.

Once a Brazilian friend complimented on the name of my country of origin. She told me she liked the name Bosnia and Herzigova, and even suggested to skip the first part and only call it “Herzigova”. Unfortunately, she didn’t know that the second part is not identical with Czech supermodel’s name Eva Herzigova but is actually called “Bosnia and Herzegovina”.

Somehow I liked her light-headed and naive thought, especially when you consider all the reasons for the conflict-filled past of this small country in the South of Europe. Actually, all the conflicts resulted from desires to change existing political and religious symbols and names. My friend’s sweet suggestion gave me the reason to play around with the heaviness and importance of a country’s name.

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