Yunicorns Pins


Brand: Yunicorns

Material: Solid Brass 

Yunicorns is an art project of architectural nature. The subject of their exploration is Yugoslavian modernist architecture which is still present in societies of the sovereign republics that remained after the breakup of the country. The form of tneir work is presented through physical models. The aim of this project is to promote and preserve modernist architectural heritage of Yugoslavia.

1.Nikšić Pin

The central motif of the sculpture is the large forward-most circular face, very reminiscent of a turning gear. The author of this work employs this gear motif at many of the monument sites he has created around the region. Perhaps this gear-shape is meant to reflect the concept of the spinning ‘gears of war’ that churn up the lives.

Author: Ljubo Vojvodić
Location: Nikšić, Montenegro
Year built: 1987


2.Podgarić Pin

It is interesting to note that the ‘wings’ of the sculpture are asymmetrical, with one wing having two edges, while the other has three. This imbalance gives the sculpture a dynamic shape, as if the wings are in motion or as if it a bird preparing to take flight.

Author: Dušan Džamonja
Location: Podgarić, Croatia
Year built: 1967


3.Tjentište Pin

According to the designers of this monument, the soaring concrete monument here at Tjentište represents ‘wings of victory’ which are overcoming the oppression and hate forced upon these hills by the German and Italian occupying armies.

Author: Miodrag Živković
Location: Tjentište, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Year built: 1971


4.Bubanj Pin

Three stylized fist monoliths at the center of the memorial complex are of three different sizes, representing not only the fact that men, women and chil-dren were all brutally executed at this site, but also the fact that entire families together were killed here.

Author: Ivan Sabolić and Mihajlo Mitrović
Location: Niš, Serbia
Year built: 1963


5.Mitrovica Pin

Monument to Fallen Miners was built to commemorate the memory of the local Serbian and Albanian fighters who worked at the Trepča mines in Mitrovica who bravely revolted against German occupation, forming the Miner’s Troop. The most obvious symbolic element within this monument is the horizontal ore-cart shaped concrete block supported by two large fluted columns.

Author: Bogdan Bogdanović
Location: Kosovska Mitrovica, Kosovo/Serbia
Year built: 1973


6.Kragujevac Pin

The ‘Interrupted Flight’ monument depicts a highly stylized vision of a delicate white bird in flight, but faltering due to a broken wing. This symbolizes the lost innocence of youth, eager hopeful children cut down by senseless violence before they could truly take flight as young men.

Author: Miodrag Živković
Location: Kragujevac, Serbia
Year built: 1963